After watching the games for a while it is interesting to see how German (and international) media and athletes talk about the Olympic Games in Rio. There are complaints about empty stadiums and arenas, even though the organizers claim that everything is sold out, then there was the long discussion about the green water in one of the swimming pools. But over all people seem to be quite content about the organization of these Olympics. Unfortunately there are also some news reflecting more the “real” Brazil: a gold-medal winning American swimmer being robbed at gunpoint in Rio, and the story of a German canoe coach who suffered a life-threatening injury in an accident while in a taxi. What most of the English-speaking news outlets don’t mention but was discussed in German media is, that this coach had been brought to an official “olympic” hospital, but couldn’t be treated there, so he had to be brought to a hospital across town which took another 45 minutes (and very critical minutes with an injury like this). Following Brazil’s first gold medal won by a girl from an favela there have been some articles about the phenomena “favela”. The guardian has a nice, short video about this very controversial and difficult topic. On a lighter side you can watch Brazils gymnasts winning a totally surprising silver and bronze medal and how much they couldn’t believe it.

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