One of the spots you can’t and won’t miss in Santos, at least if you visit the beach at least once, is the pretty impressive sculpture by Japanese born Brazilian artist Tomie Ohtake on the small peninsula between the main beaches of Santos and São Vicente. The impressive red sculpture is located at the end of the peninsula which is a small State park and which houses some playgrounds, a big skateboard ground, some cycle and running paths, open-air games tables, a Surf Museum (that never seems to be open) as well as a concrete seating for about 600 people. The last is also a beautiful spot, overlooking the waves and the surfers (if there are any) and a picture of the Santos beach front through the metal fence there is one of the classical pictures of Santos). There is also an observation tower for surfing competition judges and a police station, as well as a heliport, which is only used for pregnant women taking pictures of themselves in front of the beautiful island namend Urubuqueçaba.

But let’s get back to the 15m high sculpture, built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Brazil (there are many, many Brazilians with Japanese descent!). It is not much more than a beautiful piece of classical Avantgarde sculpture but it’s location at the tip of the 400 meter long peninsula as well as it’s bright red color makes it stand out from the blue of the ocean surrounding it and the green of the dense forest on the island behind it. It is simply very beautiful. And it even offers more than that: when walking around the sculpture you will realize, that the artist also played with a form that reflects sounds in specific ways. So you might find yourself standing under the sculpture, looking out to the ocean and hearing the sound of the waves from directly above you…. or from the other side, where there is no ocean. Walking around the sculpture therefore makes you not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Santos/São Vicente beaches and Ilha Urubuqueçaba, but also questions your perception. It’s a nice short walk out and absolutely worth a visit. If you got hungry or thirst on your way, there is usually a stand selling hot corn at the Santos side of the park as well as a stand selling fresh coconut water.

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