The big and saddest goodybe

Some crazy days, this Octobre. First my grandmother was brought to the hospital and despite the doctors telling us, that we’d better start saying goodbye to her, she was getting better. Straighout she told my mother: „I did not want to die yet“, and I admire her determination. Back in her nursing home and with the nurse who had already helped my grandfather to pass away peacfully she changed her mind, said that now she was ready to go and passed away in her sleep a day later. And this has probably been the hardest of many farewells, that are happening right now. But it all started with my last day at work.

A friend asked me, how good it feels to be out of work and as an inspiration he also sent me this video.

A big cake and gummibears for the future

I have to admit, after the decision to leave work was made, the last weeks in the office had been a bid hard, when it comes to motivation. But I did want to hand over my work and my small department well to my successor, so there was quite a bit to be done. Funnily I had my last meeting with the sales-force of our company at 2pm on my last day, while my official goodbye-party would start at 2:30pm (it had been a Friday so people start to leave for the weekend early and I did not want to stay there for too long myself either). The meeting went well, at least I guess so, I can’t really tell, because my last day of work has basically been a long party, and to be honest: I did not care so much about this last meeting.

The day started with a big cake and presents at my desk, some flowers and more presents later. It ended when various bottle of champagne were emptied, some goiabada was eaten (while the Caju-juice and the Guaraná surprisingly were not finished by my now ex-colleagues). I did not expect a real party and I am still surprised by all the good wishes and heartfilled goodbyes which I received. And I realized, that it is different, if you leave the company to start a job somewhere else, or if you leave to move to another country: I had to answer the same questions about 30 times (do you already have a job? No – do you already have an apartment? No – What will you do over there? I don’t know yet) and to my surprise almost all my colleagues said something similar about my plans: that they thought, what I will do is awesome, that they admire my courage and that they themselves would never do the same… I also found this quite amusing.

Now two weeks into the unemployment (or rather the self-employment) life I have to admit: I like it. It’s exiting to start something new. I thank my former colleagues for the five years and many good experiences and the opportunities to learn a lot. And I must also warn you – I might be back in half a year telling you, that moving to Brazil was nothing but a big mistake. But I am looking forward to making this experience.

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