Shortly after moving back from Brazil to Germany I was interviews by a radio station (sorry, German only) about the situation about the Olympic games in Rio. It was 100 days before the start and the opening question was: do Brazilians care? My answer was: not at all. Of course there are the happy view who care and I tried to explain how the Rio Olympics were more seen as a rich-people’s-event and then I explained about the occupied schools in Rio, the impeachment etc. And now, even closer to the opening of the Olympic Games the Guardian has an interesting series about the Games, seen from the favelas (articles are in English and Portuguese). A report from Rocinha, one from Maré and the last one from Alemão. For me the most impressive is the casualness of their difficult living condition.

“Last night, there was such a fierce gun battle that I could not go home. My WhatsApp groups warned of the tension in the favela so a friend offered to let me stay at her house.”


“Avoid leaving the house! Heavy shooting in the Complexo do Alemão” read the headline on the Facebook page of a local newspaper. With clashes between police and drug traffickers increasingly frequent these days, the TV news announced that during the Olympics the Brazilian army will occupy some slums. Of course, the Complexo do Alemão is on the list!

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