While the Paralympics are happening in Rio de Janeiro and after the city tried to use the Olympics to portray itself in a good light, it should not be forgotten, that for these Olympics thousands of people had to be relocated or were forcefully moved out of their homes while the favelas were not “pacified” as promised, but continue to be not only home for thousands of people but also to gang violence and injustice. (The Guardian has a good look into this topic.)

But there is one more ugly mark on this otherwise beautiful city: the “most misogynistic, hateful official in the democratic world” Jair Bolsonaro. (Quote by TheIntercept who have also just published a short article about this diabolic and hateful family.) A man who is not only incredibly popular among Brazil’s ultra-right, claims to be evangelic while at the same time openly passing his hatred as seen for example when he was praising the General overseeing Dilma’s torture during her impeachment trail.

The beautiful city? The hateful city.

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