An Endless Summer is all new

Maybe you have already realized that Christmas brought something new for Endless Summer – a new blog. It’s all new, more comfortable, a lot faster and all WordPress. Santa has been good to me. Almost everything made it to the new blog, all articles, the comments. Only the Facebook-Likes and Twitter-Shares didn’t make it, but I thought: screw the attention economy. I hope you like the new blog as much as I do….

Most read posts of 2014 – place 10 and 9

Many people seem to have problems shopping, just as me. In 10th place came the Incomplete Guide on how to shop in Brazil or: why even shopping in Brazil is not quite as easy as you think with 2653 clicks as of today.

The ES readers seem to share the Brazilian obsession with waterfalls, because only a few clicks more, 2656 to be exact, brought Waterfalls to the 9th place.



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