When talking about Brazil with Brazilians, it is a topic I have heard many, many times. “Brazil is a truly blessed country” many Brazilians say, “because there are no natural catastrophes like earthquakes, hurricanes and so on, the climate is mild and you can grow fruits and vegetables all year long in many places.” Then they pause and of course this has only been an introduction to another complaint about Brazil. “But the Brazilians and especially their politicians, they make this country awful.” Sometimes I am also given an explanation, why Brazilian people are so morally inferior to “civilized” people, “because Brazil was settled mainly by criminals and uneducated people.” Yes, I have heard this many times and my counter argument is usually: what about Australia, is this a similar case? After all Australia was settled mainly by criminals as well. This  is part of the very Brazilian fascination with ranting about your own country.

But this rant doesn’t explain anything. But luckily there are awesome websites like BrasilWire.com who offer insightful articles and explanations like this analysis, how members of the current Brazilian Senate are related to one of the most corrupt and darkest episodes of current Brazilian history: the military dictatorship. “The Senate is just one example of a space where former dictatorship officials continue to wield power. There are hundreds of other examples of federal and state congressmen, governors, mayors and city councilmen who collaborated with the dictatorship. Then there are the media companies who propped up the dictatorship.” This is sad. But it makes sense.

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