Father´s Day – Dia dos pais – Vatertag

Sometimes I am asked: “What is the biggest difference between Germany and Brazil?” Since I am not a friend of Top-10-lists or Best-Of-Selections I usually answer, that there are many differences, some of them bigger than others. And one of the biggest happens in...

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Redhead or: How Race Is A Different Problem In Brazil

Germany is so white Every time I travel from Brazil to Germany it strikes me how “white” Germany is. And I am not talking about the snow in winter, I mean the colour of the skin of many people in Germany. When travelling from a diverse city like São Paulo or Rio de...

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Buying a prescription medicine in Brasil

Even after getting close to the end of my second year in Brazil, I am still amazed and amused by the complexity of presumably simple things like buying a printer, even eating in a restaurant or paying your bills (just wait). And I've just made another one of these...

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Old Seu Toni – An Inspiring Brazilian

Everybody likes this old guy from our house, he is the sweetest person I have met in Santos so far. Seu Toni is a little more than 80 years old but you see him a lot on the streets around here. He is a very thin, tall, old guy wandering the streets, always having a...

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Taking the Train in Brazil

For an European the lack of long-distance trains and hence the opportunity to watch the countryside fly by outside your window while relaxing in your seat eating some snack is disappointing. Having made one of the three remaining long trips myself - from Curitiba...

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The Brazilian State Of Mind – making “panelaço“

It was Tuesday, May 5th and I was walking to my last students of the day, a very nice couple living in the very nice neighbourhood called Aparecida. And just when I arrived outside their house, I heard a strange metal sound. Only one, then two, then many from all...

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Döner in Santos – Happy Labor Day

There is hardly a more working class food than Döner in Berlin, except the Currywurst maybe. Döner and Currywurst are the two culinary discoveries that Berlin brought to German and international cuisine. And for a reason that I do not fully understand, Brazilians tend...

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A nice German

Behind the counter of the laundry a woman of maybe 50 years looked at the things I had put on the counter in front of her, among them a plush doll. She sighed and explained that this laundry was not able to wash everything – like the doll, but they would send them...

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Endless Summer

Notes about the mysterious everyday life. Ex-Berliner and lover of coxinha and Rosinenbrötchen, currently living, writing and teaching in Santos/Brazil.

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