Rio Olympics: view from the favelas

Shortly after moving back from Brazil to Germany I was interviews by a radio station (sorry, German only) about the situation about the Olympic games in Rio. It was 100 days before the start and the opening question was: do Brazilians care? My answer was: not at all....

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Paçoca de Carne Seca

This is the first post of the new "recipes" section, in which I collect recipes I have cooked and found delicious enough to share. And the first one is a recipe of two of my favourite Brazilian ingredients: "carne seca" and "mandioca" aka sun-dried beef jerky and...

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The problem with Brazilian politics

easily explained by Mauricio Savarese. On the one hand the political landscape is incredibly complex especially because there are so many individual interests involved (published in Folha de SP), on the other hand voters claim to be fed up with corruption, but they...

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Endless Summer

Notes about the mysterious everyday life. Ex-Berliner and lover of coxinha and Rosinenbrötchen, currently living, writing and teaching in Santos/Brazil.

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