Everybody likes this old guy from our house, he is the sweetest person I have met in Santos so far. Seu Toni is a little more than 80 years old but you see him a lot on the streets around here. He is a very thin, tall, old guy wandering the streets, always having a big smile and nice words for anyone he is passing. Sometimes he delivers cosmetics that his wife sells from their home.

Seu Toni is old, and I mean the shaking-with-his-hands kind of old. But meeting him on the street or in our house is always a delight, because every time I receive a slap on the shoulder, an incredibly friendly smile and and some good wishes for my day. He is one of the most cheerful people I know.

The other day I met him when I left the house to go for a run on the beach. I was wearing running shoes and shorts. Seu Toni was chatting with one of our doormen. Of course he commented on my outfit, we chatted a little bit about doing sports and – because we are in Brazil –  playing football. Seu Toni admitted that his football playing years were long and that nowadays he only likes to play in the beach every now and then for fun. But then he stepped back, lifted his knee almost to his chin and let his leg rotate in a movement, that I would never be able to to.

„Wow“, I said and I was truly amazed. This movement didn’t seem to belong to this old man with shaky hands.

He smiled and  said. „That’s because of my Capoeira. You have to do something, to stay fit, right?“

I agreed and he said goodbye to me with a slap in my shoulder and a good wish for me and my family. Like always. He is a unique and truly inspiring Brazilian.

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