The beach in Santos basically is a big playground for adults, specially so after sundown, when the football teams show up, draw their fields in the sand and start to play. These guys are mostly young, the elder men play footvolley, which is basically beach-volleyball but with a small football and where you can’t use your hands. Amazing. Even more amazing was what I saw the other day on the beach: an older man, he might have been around 50 years old, just jogging slowly on the beach during daytime. So far, nothing unusual. But this guy was keeping a football up in the air without letting it touch the ground while running on the beach. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, that was not only how he was running, but also the only thing, the ball was touching. I watched him for a couple of minutes, while he was running down the beach, and I the ball did not touch the sand a single time, nor did he stop or slow down. Simply amazing.

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