It is over. Done. Finished. We are married. Hooray! And it was easy like eating a piece of Danish cake. Well technically it was a little bit more exciting than that, but in a good way. And this is how it went:

We received the confirmation of our wedding date together with a small How-To (“throwing rice is prohibited by law”) and a “What to do on the day of your wedding”-leaflet on the same day, I transferred the processing fee. Booking flights and a night in a hotel was easy – we wanted to arrive the evening before, so we would not be stressed about any flight delays or whatever.

In Copenhagen

The hotel was ok and only 3 minutes from the city hall, where we arrived somewhat early on the big day, which was sunny though a little chilly. I have to confess that I was very nervous, but after all it was my first and hopefully also the last time, that I am getting married. We had to wait inside the impressive and old city hall for about 20 minutes, which was perfect, because my two Danish friends arrived with their family in this time and we could say hello.

The waiting room in front of the marriage hall was impressive: big, dark and it looked like 300 years old (but in fact is only 100 years old), yet it was a nice ambience. There were never more than 4 couples waiting at the same time, and the waiting room was big enough to make us all feel comfortable. The wedding room itself was small but festive and decorated with old wall paintings (I remember polar bears). Two couples are scheduled for every 15 minute-slot, which gives each couple exactly 7,5 minutes alone with the officials, and while this might seem a little bit like an assembly line, the procedure itself felt surprisingly relaxed.

Once again the Danish surprised me (or the German in me) by not wanting to see any papers. Whatsoever. My wife and me confirmed by voice, that we were who’s name were printed on the paper and after a short but lovely speech by the, once again, incredibly friendly Danish official we said our “yes”, kissed and exchanged rings. Then we signed the official document for the city archive and we were handed over our international marriage certificate. It was easy, friendly, nice and warm. And off we went into our new life as a couple, which started with a wonderful meal at the impressive Restaurant Maven, which is situated in an former church in the city center.

That was only a week ago. Today I am still incredibly excited and very happy and there is only one more thing to say: Thank you, Copenhagen, for making our wish come true, in a not very complicated way. You may be cold, when it comes to weather, but you are awesome!

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