In a bar, talking to a friend of a friend, who is a young professor for sociology at a local university. He is excited to hear, that I am teaching German and asks me to teach him, “because I want to read Marx in his original language.” Wow, that is not an easy undertaking, but it can be done. Then he says something, that I haven’t heard in Germany for a long, long time: “you know, I am a Marxist.” He asks me about the importance of Marx in Germany, how much he is taught in school (none) or at least university (very little, even though I had some Marx in my Germanics courses). I feel ashamed while telling him about the neoliberal vendetta, that has been taking place in my country for the last twenty years and I wish I could say that Marxism is part of the proud and active cultural heritage of my country – in whatever way.

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