I’m back from a wonderful trip to Itacaré (more about this later) and this means: there is more to come. But first I want to share a small moment of funny confusion, when I was standing in a bakery some minutes ago and an elder man in front of me was wearing a shirt of a futebol club. Since this is so common here in Brazil, I thought of nothing until I saw on his back written “Cottbus” … which is a small city south of Berlin, currently playing in the 3rd league (I believe) and to which I have a small connection, since my former roommate used to live there. Full of positive surprise I wanted to talk to the guy and find out, why he was wearing this shirt, but he was next in line to pay and at the moment I wanted to talk to him, he left to go to the cashier. With some nice feelings and a little “Fernweh” (or “Heimweh?”) I looked at him, and when he turned around I realized the advertisment on the front of his shirt. “Penny Markt” in German which I found funny but at the same time it reminded me of these claustrophobic, small and bad supermarkets and the whole ideo of paying employees next to nothing (which is usual in Brazil unfortunately as well, but the supermarket chains in Germany are very well known for this).

So in a moment everything was back again: some positive thoughts, some happiness, some frustration or in short: my mixed feelings about Germany.

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