We are making a big jump! While the question of how to shop correctly on place #5 had 6094 hits, the article in fourth place has almost twice as many, 11.504 to be precise. I am very surprised and pretty curious about why this article is there, because it is one of the posts in the “Extraterrestrial Marriage” series.

#4 with 11.504 hits: Where, why, how and what papers? Denmark is the answer. Why and how my wife and me decided to get married in Denmark.

But let’s continue right away with:

#3 and 12.697 hits. Not a surprise, because sex always sells. My introduction to the architecture of passion, to the infrastructure of love. Lets talk about sex….Motels and the Logistics Of Sex In Brazil. It was also one if the most liked on Facebook.

I am surprised and a tiny bit confused that the article about sex didn’t come in first place. And you will be too, when you see, what were the two most read articles on Endless Summer in 2014. (A hint: it’s about culture and politics, the readers must be a very sophisticated crowd).



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