In a city where cultural events and this kind of excitement are scarce and the main attraction is hanging out at the city beach that stretches over kilometers on the bay to the ocean, you can’t be picky. And even though I am not interested in downhill as a sport very much (if you have a bike – why take the stairs?) I appreciate this event as a change in the city atmosphere. As a distraction.

Every year in the middle of February the City Downhill World Tour is holding a race in the city. If you are interested, check out the Citydownhill website for details. You can also watch a test-run from a helmet-cam, if you want to see the many steps from Monte Serra fly past you faster than you will ever see them again  – I will try to remember that next time I climb the stairs up to enjoy the beautiful view from the top of Monte Serrat or when the church procession is carrying the Madonna of Nossa Senhora de Monte Serrat up there again.

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