Denmark may be less problematic when it comes to necessary papers, but that does not mean that it is easy or, by any means, obvious and clear about what kind of papers you need. Our questions were: what kind of papers? How are they legalized and which language should they be translated into? So we started to do some research on the internet and soon it got obvious that nothing is obvious.

Making a mistake: asking an (somewhat unofficial) agent

I found out though, that there are agencies who offer their service in advising people on the legal, administrative and organizational questions of getting married in Denmark. They all claim that their service is important, because what kind of papers you need in Denmark is something that every municipal district decides itself. So there are as many different rules as there are “Standesämter”? At least the Dansih embassy in Brazil suggests the same. To make things short and save ourselves some nerves, we hired an agent to give us the information we could start with, and the security that we are not doing anything wrong. Hey, it wasn’t so expensive either. Unfortunately, not everything turned out to be correct.

The necessary documents

The necessary papers we need are: a residence certificate, a birth certificate and, in case of the best bride ever, a copy of the divorce certificate. Well – at least these are the necessary documents for many registrarś s offices in Denmark, and the only thing you need to find out is: which ones. The documents though did not seem to be to difficult at all. Unfortunatly I was thinking very German, because Brazil does not have the obligation to register. If you are required to prove your address, you just show a recent letter you received with this address. That’s it. But clearly that would not be enough for a registrar’s office in Denmark. Luckily for me, the best bride ever did not give up easily and found out, that there is something like a residence certificate in Brazil, even though nobody ever uses it. So after not too long. we seemed to have all the documents in hand (by the way, did I mention that official Brazilian documents are very impressive? My “Meldebestätigung” is a simple piece of paper that came out of a laser printer with a signature and an official stamp on it, but the Brazilian documents are carefully crafted, like giant bills of money – wonderful).

So we do have all the documents. Are we good? Yes, of course. And no, of course, because documents need to get legalized, if they want to be used outside of the issuing country. Seems logical? Yes, I thought, until we began the process of legalization…

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