A short and fun moment at a bar today, where I was watching the game (Real-Bayern). I asked for a coffee, and they asked back, if I wanted a big one or a small one. I chose a big one and was asked: “Puro?”, which means pure and that in return means: no milk in the coffee. I said “puro” and then the owner of the small bar smiled at be and said in Portuguese “And I am sure you also drink it without sugar.” I smiled and told him, that he was right and asked, how he knew. He only said one word with a smile “estrangeiro”. The foreigners tend to drink the coffee black and without sugar, while Brazilians like their coffee strong, sweet and sometimes with milk. I was told once by a Brazilian “coffee without milk is like love without kissing.” And while I like the line, I don’t think it is right. I chatted with the bar-owner for a little bit more and because this is Brazil, there has to be a story about someone taking an advantage of Brazilians. The owner of the bar told me, that he thinks the good Brazilian coffee gets shipped out of Brazil and is sold abroad. Because there is more money to be earned. That’s why he thinks that Brazilians are used to drink their coffee sweet (because taste in general is bad) while foreigners are used to drink it black – because they get the good coffee. And even though I don’t fully agree with this story, I begin to understand the Brazilian attitude, that someone is always screwing Brazil or Brazilians over. And all of this I got for only the price of a big coffee: R$3,50 (about 1,25 EUR). What a deal.

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