The northeast of Brazil is different

Every country has its yokels. And in Brazil these are either people from the countryside or from the Northeast. James Young published an intruiging article about Brazil’s internal divide in Folha de SP. And to support his point, I recently talked with a person from Santos about one of the doormen of our house, and his immediate reaction “is he also from the Northeast? All doormen are.” And he was right, he is from Maceió. The divide really exists.

Sebastião Salgado speaks on TedTalks

He is a great Brazilian artist, a remarkable photographer and even though he talks in a pretty bad English, what he has to say and show is amazing. I have not only seen

of his in Santo André, but I’ve also stumbeled upon his pictures in a small curch in a town in Eastern Germany while chilling between some gigs at a open air music festival, which makes one of my nicest memories of this festival.