Yesterday: 35 degrees. Today: 35 degrees. Real feel: 44 degrees. It’s too hot for a full text. So here is my goodbye to the year 2014 in numbers and fragments.

  • the hashtag for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Santos is #SantosNaVirada
  • the fireworks in Santos are officially the 2nd biggest of Brazil – after Rio de Janeiro. Here are the numbers:
    • 16 minutes of fireworks from
    • 6 locations on land and
    • 10 boats,
    • over 19 tons of fireworks will be launched
  • 5 marquees on the beach will be playing music all night
  • 3 giant screens will present shows
  • 500.000 cars are estimated to arrive in Santos for the festive days bringing
  • 1.5 million visitors to the city surpassing the
  • 480.000 people who are officially living in Santos causing
  • a giant traffic chaos and
  • still not having a chance of filling the beach entirely…

My wish for 2015 I take from TETINE which plays Tropical Mutant Punk Funk and Uncorrupted Tropical Wave (Soundcloud) and what they recently said on Facebook:

I wish everyone a terrific year 2015 with plenty of un-gentrified minds & good stuff coming your way. You deserve it. Don’t let late capitalism burn your soul.

Now the only thing left to do is: chose your underwear carefully, get some flowers and ready to jump the waves.

Bye bye 2014, see you in a better year.

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