Fête de la musique

They are rare and therefore even more valuable: the hot summer nights in Berlin. But if you are lucky, they are one of the best things, that can happen to you. Even better, if the yearly Fête de la Musique happens to be a hot summer night, like yesterday. Fête is awesome in itself, the city allows everyone to play music on the streets between 4pm and 10pm, after that there will be concerts indoor. This year there were mroe than 50 “official” stages with a musical program, enough to find something for everyone. But there are “wild” stages everywhere. This year we’ve been in Kreuzberg, started at Görlitzer Park where a band without name was playing pretty awesome and laid back soul music. A couple with an amplifier and two microphones sat behind them and did acoustic background support. People were dancing in the heat.

On our way to Schlesisches Tor we passed about 5 “wild” stages with music ranging from “awfull” to “interesting”. You just grab a beer from one of the Spätis or sit down in on of the street-side bars who happen to have a stage an listen in. And this goes on for hours (unfortunately due to the ridicolous noise restrictions police literally pulls the plug at 10.30pm the latest. Nevertheless it is simply awesome to drift through the city, drink beer, listen to music while the sun simply does not set (the picture was taken at 11pm). Crosing Görlitzer Park in the not completly dark night my wife reminded me, that this would not be possible in São Paulo, where you don’t leave the house for a night out without taking precautions like not carrying valuables or too much money. Hot and worryfree summer nights out in the city – one of the most awesome things about Berlin.

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