Why “Endless Summer”?

I am German, my wife is Brazilian, and we met in Germany on an early spring day some years ago. Our relationship started to get serious while chatting and skyping transcontinentaly across various time and climate zones. The words “let’s have an endless summer” somehow marked the start of this relationship and therefore became the name of this website.

The re-enchantment of the world

This blog is for family and old friends to keep up to date, for new friends, students, colleagues and everyone who is interested in looking at Brazil and Germany from a (small) distance. I am  also very happy that many Brazilians seem to enjoy it too. I don’t write about political, social or environmental issues, about art or traveling. I find these topics interesting or important, but there are people who do this better than me. I write about the small things, everyday life, routines and habits. Do you know the feeling when you travel to a foreign country and everything seems new and mysterious? The supermarkets are full of unknown things, the doors open to the other direction and people behave strangely. This feeling is what I am interested in and what I try to keep are these kind of open eyes. They will close, once the routine starts, but since I might travel between Germany and Brazil, there is a chance that I will not lose it completly.

For me these moments are enchanting, they break the routines which make us not see things anymore. It also shows that there is never only one way to think (feel, see, smell, talk etc.) about things. It’s  an enchantment of the world, that I don’t want to miss. Because after all I like to look at things with open eyes.

I hope you enjoy it too. Leave me a comment or a mail me, if you do.


An Endless Summer looking into the sun


I write and think in English here on Endless Summer.

On www.dominikswalther.de you find my German author page and I also blog about the things I read and write there.

In my “normal” life I am a Private Teacher for English and German in Santos and via Skype and/or Hangout worldwide – see www.english-and-german-online.com.

I have also worked extensively as a Quality Manager in different service industries. You can find some more information about me and my working life at www.dominikwalther.de.

I also like to fool around with websites and collected some of my work at webdesign.dominikwalther.de.