Brazilian prisons – what is up there?

The last days had seen a number of bad news from Brazilian prisons. I‘ve been asked, what‘s up in Brazilian prisons, and if I could write a few words about it. It‘s a frustrating topic, but here we go. Some days ago news came from the very north of Brazil. In a prison...

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Rio de Janeiro – Home of hate and fear

While the Paralympics are happening in Rio de Janeiro and after the city tried to use the Olympics to portray itself in a good light, it should not be forgotten, that for these Olympics thousands of people had to be relocated or were forcefully moved out of their...

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What’s up lately in Brazil and the US?

The German shooting star of "a different" political journalism Tilo Jung went to Brazil with his interview series "young&naive" and he talked to Glenn Greenwald about the current situation in Brazil and the US. As always Greenwald's leftish view and reasoning...

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Violence, Brazil and the Olympic Games

After watching the games for a while it is interesting to see how German (and international) media and athletes talk about the Olympic Games in Rio. There are complaints about empty stadiums and arenas, even though the organizers claim that everything is sold out,...

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The Guardian: Rio Olympics – view from the favela

The great series of The Guardian continues as a warm-up for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro: The Rio Olympics - view from the favelas, articles written by community journalists which are people actually living there. This is really impressive and sometimes...

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What is a favela?

When in Brazil it is hard to avoid hearing about them. "Don't take the wrong exit or you will end up in a favela" is one sentence you might hear, or "he's from the favela" when talking about people - be it football star or colleague. But what is a favela exactly? It's...

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